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More ALEC News

Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Including ALEC’s Influence

Texas tops chart for number of ALEC legislators, with 59 politicians tied to corporate bill mill, the local delegation might be the largest delegation at this week’s meeting.

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New Report Documents Pervasive Influence of ALEC in Texas

As corporate lobbyists and legislators prepare to gather in Austin, CMD and Common Cause release a report detailing the pay-to-play group’s firm grip on Texas politics.

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ALEC Plans “Confidential” Helicopter Border Tour in Texas for Board Members

ALEC will take its legislative board members on a “confidential border tour” on Monday, August 12, just before the start of it’s Annual Meeting in Austin, according to documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy.

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Coke, Pepsi Drop Trade Association Pushing Plastic Ban Bans

Plastic Industry Association works with ALEC to block regulation of single-use plastics.

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ALEC Says “Strike!” Just Do It Without Unions

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has gone on the record as supporting the right of workers to bargain collectively, and even strike, for better working conditions — as long as they do it without a union.

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