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More ALEC News

ALEC Leader Indicted for Campaign Finance Conspiracy

Tennessee state Sen. Brian Kelsey, a state chair and national board member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, allegedly used illegal contributions to further his campaign for Congress in 2016.

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ALEC Voter Suppressors Square Off in GOP Primary for Arizona Secretary of State

Both leading candidates in the Republican primary for secretary of state in Arizona support voter suppression legislation, and one is an insurrectionist backed by Trump.

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ALEC Leaders Boast About Anti-Abortion, Anti-Trans Bills

At a Council for National Policy conference in May, top legislative members of the American Legislative Exchange Council took credit for advancing bills to severely restrict abortion access and target trans students in their states.

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Here’s Who Funds the Right-Wing American Legislative Exchange Council

A CMD investigation reveals the identities of the donors behind a large portion of ALEC’s revenue as the group continues its attempts to hide its backers and its agenda from the public.

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ALEC Claims Credit for Voter Suppression and Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws at Secret Meeting

ALEC boasted about its role in promoting and passing laws making it harder to vote, barring schools from teaching about America’s racist past, and protecting employers from COVID-related lawsuits at a May meeting of the right-wing Council for National Policy.

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