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More ALEC News

ALEC Holds Tutorial with Republican’s “Chief Authority on Redistricting” Amidst Pandemic

ALEC which claims to be a "nonpartisan" charitable group, connects Republican legislators with Fair Lines America, the GOP's leading group for opposing voter-enacted redistricting reforms and crafting the party's 2020 redistricting strategy.

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ALEC Leading Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy Despite COVID-19

Documents obtained by CMD show the extent of the corporate lobby group’s role in pressuring the states to force a rapid reopening of the economy despite strong public resistance and health concerns.

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ALEC’s Post-Janus Wishlist Revealed in Policy Document

A “labor reform” booklet of 50 “state factsheets” obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy reveals the ambitious agenda of the ALEC to further weaken public sector unions in the wake of the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in Janus v. AFSCME.

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