Homelessness Crisis Mitigation Act

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Model Bill Info
Bill Title Homelessness Crisis Mitigation Act
Date Introduced November 29, 2023
Date Finalized December 22, 2023
Type Model Policy
Status Final
Task Forces American City County Exchange
Keywords Local Issues

Homelessness Crisis Mitigation Act

Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows:

Section 1

A new Chapter is hereby added to the Code of [COUNTY] to read as follows:




The County has a critical interest in maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. As such, it has fallen on the County to take steps to ensure that neither external municipalities nor local businesses attempt to subvert state law and threaten the orderly functioning of this County by improperly operating a homeless shelter without appropriate government authority or resources to care for those in need.


Homeless shelter

Any building or physical location that provides overnight sleeping accommodations and is substantially intending to provide such accommodations to the homeless in general or for specific populations of the homeless.

Temporary housing

Temporary housing shall include any facility maintained primarily for overnight occupancy by persons who are provided at least some part or portion of the use of the facilities, including but not limited to hotels, motels, camping units, or other rental properties.

Shared services agreement required.

No municipality outside of [COUNTY], or agent thereof, may offer or provide temporary housing within [COUNTY], thereby creating a homeless shelter as defined above, without first entering into a shared services agreement with [COUNTY] to provide said services.

Section 2.

The local law shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the [STATE] Secretary of State.