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The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act was passed by ALEC's Health and Human Services Task Force on December 6, 2008. It was approved by ALEC's Board of Directors on January 14, 2009. An identical bill appears on ALEC's website (accessed June 26, 2015), and was re-approved by the ALEC Board of Directors January 9, 2014.

CMD's Bill Summary

This proposed legislation would prohibit the legislature from requiring individuals to purchase health insurance (or imposing penalties for not purchasing insurance). This bill would directly attack the foundations of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), the "individual mandate.

ALEC Bill Text

Section 1. Short Title. This Act may be cited as the “Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act.”

Section 2. The people have the right to enter into private contracts with health care providers for health care services and to purchase private health care coverage. The legislature may not require any person to participate in any health care system or plan, nor may it impose a penalty or fine, of any type, for choosing to obtain or decline health care coverage or for participation in any particular health care system or plan.

Section 3. {Severability Clause}

Section 4. {Repealer Clause}

Section 5. {Effective Date}