Bills Affecting the Rights of Americans Injured or Killed by Corporations

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Click here for a zip file of bills relating to Tort Reform, Corporate Liability, and the Rights of Injured Americans
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  • = Model Legislation that the Center for Media and Democracy has flagged among the signficant proposals in this set

Current ALEC Bills

  • 0C0 Appeal Bond Waiver Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0G4 Periodic Payment of Judgments Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0G5 Prejudgment and Post-Judgment Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0G7 Truth in Damages_Act_Exposed (HTML)
  • 0H1 Litigation Accountability Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0H3 Quality Education and Teacher and Principal Protection Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0I0 Landowners Liability Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0I1 Volunteer Immunity and Charitable Organization Liability Limit Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0I2 Whistleblower Immunity Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0J1 Ten-Year Statute of Repose Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0K0 Admissibility in Civil Actions of Nonuse of a Seat Belt Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0K3 Resolution Opposing Anti-Indemnity & Anti-Additional Insured Exposed (HTML)
  • 0K4 Support of Efforts to Promote Impartial Independent and Highly-Qualified State Judiciaries Exposed (HTML)
  • 0L0 Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0M1 Product Liability Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0M2 Product Liability Resolution Exposed (HTML)
  • 0M4 Regulatory Compliance Congruity With Liability Act Exposed (HTML)</div>
  • 0N1 Resolution on the Federal Consent Decree Fairness Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0N3 The Fair Notice and Market Stability Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 0O0 Workers Compensation Fraud Warning Act Exposed (HTML)
  • 1K8 The Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act Exposed (HTML)
  • ALEC Legacy Bill That Have Not Been Repealed

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