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  1. ALEC's Statement of Principles on Fixing State and Local Government Defined-Benefit Plans Exposed
  2. ALEC "Model" Bills
  3. ALEC 2014 States and Nation Policy Summit
  4. ALEC Agriculture Principles Exposed
  5. ALEC Bills
  6. ALEC Hard Science Resolution Exposed
  7. ALEC Principles of Legislative Transparency Exposed
  8. ALEC Shoot First Bills
  9. ALEC Tax Filings
  10. A Resolution to Align Pay and Benefits of Public Sector Workers With Private Sector Workers Exposed
  11. Academic Accountability in Higher Education Act Exposed
  12. Act to Prohibit State Agencies from Obligating Effort Requirements
  13. Act to Prohibit State Agencies from Obligating the State to Federal Maintenance of Effort Requirements
  14. Affordable Baccalaureate Degree Act Exposed
  15. An Act Relating to Bad Faith Claims of Patent Infringement
  16. An Act Relating to the Reduction of Inequitable Benefits in State Pensions Exposed
  17. Andy's Law Exposed (Draft)
  18. Bills about Guns
  19. Brendan Fischer Discusses ALEC
  20. Buying Influence
  21. Charter School Growth with Quality Act Exposed
  22. Childbirth Protection Act Exposed
  23. Civil Liability for Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders Act Exposed
  24. Collateral Consequences Reduction Act Exposed
  25. Commonsense Consumption Act Exposed
  26. Competitive Private Professional Certification Act Exposed
  27. Comprehensive Legislative Package Opposing the Common Core State Standards Initiative Exposed
  28. Constitutional Amendment Requiring State Approval for Increases in Federal Debt Exposed
  29. Course Choice Program Act Exposed
  30. Criminal Intent Protection Act Exposed
  31. Criminal Offense Justification Act Exposed
  32. Defined-Contribution Pension Reform Act Exposed
  33. Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Resolution Exposed
  34. Digital Teaching and Learning Plan Exposed
  35. Digital Teaching and Learning Program Exposed
  36. Disposition of Firearms in State or Local Custody Act Exposed
  37. District and School Freedom Act Exposed
  38. Dual Language Immersion Program Act Exposed
  39. EXPOSED: The State Policy Network
  40. Early Intervention Program Act Exposed
  41. Earned Compliance Credit Act Exposed
  42. Education Savings Account Act
  43. Employee Choice Act Exposed
  44. Establishing a Public-Private Partnership (P3) Authority Act Exposed
  45. Establishment of a Special Advisory Subcommittee for the Review of Model Policies Exposed
  46. Federal Law Evaluation and Response Act Exposed
  47. Follow the Money
  48. Foster Youth Driver's License Act Exposed
  49. Free Enterprise Education Act Exposed
  50. Grand Jury Due Reform Act Exposed

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