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  1. "Let Us Vote For A Balanced Budget Amendment" Resolution
  2. 2012 SNPS Task Force Documents
  3. 72-Hour Budget Review Act Exposed
  4. AIDS Prevention Education Act Exposed
  5. ALEC's Model Legislation to Pursue and Control Child Predators Exposed
  6. ALEC's Statement of Principles on Fixing State and Local Government Defined-Benefit Plans Exposed
  7. ALEC 2014 States and Nation Policy Summit
  8. ALEC Agriculture Principles Exposed
  9. ALEC Energy Principles Exposed
  10. ALEC Environmental Management and Protection Principles Exposed
  11. ALEC Exposed on SourceWatch
  12. ALEC Federal Relations Exposed
  13. ALEC Hard Science Resolution Exposed
  14. ALEC International Delegates Exposed
  15. ALEC Lobbying and Ethics Complaints
  16. ALEC Model Resolution on Improving Community Supervision Policies and Practices
  17. ALEC Principles of Legislative Transparency Exposed
  18. ALEC Principles of Taxation Exposed
  19. ALEC Resolution on DNA Testing Standards Exposed
  20. ALEC Resolution on McDonald vs. Chicago Exposed
  21. ALEC Shoot First Bills
  22. ALEC Statement of Principles on Repealing and Replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exposed
  23. ALEC Statement of Principles on State and Local Government Pension and Other Post Employment Benefit (OPEB) Plans Exposed
  24. ALEC Statement of Principles on Surprise Medical Billing
  25. ALEC Statement of Principles on Toll Roads Exposed
  26. ALEC Tax Filings
  27. ALEC Telecommunications Deregulation Policy Statement Exposed
  28. ALEC’s Balanced Budget Amendment Policy Exposed
  29. ALEC’s Recommendation for 2009 Transportation Reauthorization Exposed
  30. A Bill to Ban the Box on Employment Applications Exposed
  31. A Next-Generation Tax and Expenditure Limitation Act
  32. A Resolution Concerning Tax Treatment of Affiliated Reinsurance Exposed
  33. A Resolution Concerning the Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance Exposed
  34. A Resolution Regarding the Regulation of Broadband Information Services in Innovative and Expanding Competitive Markets Exposed
  35. A Resolution Relating to Residual Markets and Reinsurance Funds Exposed
  36. A Resolution Supporting Additional Commercial Spectrum Exposed
  37. A Resolution Supporting the Development of an Updated National Spectrum Policy That Expands Unlicensed Access to Spectrum in the 5GHZ Band to Meet Increased Demand for Wireless Broadband Technologies Exposed
  38. A Resolution Supporting the Principle of Education Freedom Scholarships
  39. A Resolution Urging Congress to Reject Windfall Profits Taxes on Energy Companies Exposed
  40. A Resolution for Government Services to Be Compared to Private Sector Services for Federal and State Grant Money
  41. A Resolution in Opposition to Discriminatory Food and Beverage Taxes Exposed
  42. A Resolution on Occupational Licensing and Student Loan Defaults
  43. A Resolution to Align Pay and Benefits of Public Sector Workers With Private Sector Workers Exposed
  44. Academic Accountability in Higher Education Act Exposed
  45. Academic Bill of Rights for Public Higher Education Exposed
  46. Academic Transparency Act
  47. Access to Financial Services for Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers Exposed
  48. Access to Medicaid Act Exposed
  49. Accountability in Government Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Exposed
  50. Accountability in Rule Making Act

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