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The Resolution in Opposition to the Use of Transportation Taxes for any Use other than Direct Investment in the Nation's Transportation Infrastructure was adopted by ALEC's Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force and included in ALEC's 1995 Sourcebook of American State Legislation. According to, it was re-approved by the Board of Directors on January 29, 2013. (Accessed on 2/1/2016).

ALEC Resolution Text


ALEC's model urges the U.S. Congress to oppose any legislation that would spend tax dollars for any purpose other than directly towards the nation's transportation infrastructure.

Model Resolution

WHEREAS, the movement of goods and people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally over this country's highways, railroads and through our country's airports and waterways is crucial to our nation's economy; and

WHEREAS, taxes levied upon the energy used to move goods and citizens, traditionally and historically, have been directly invested into the expansion, maintenance and rebuilding of our nation's transportation system; and

WHEREAS, there exists an increasing infrastructure deficit in our nation's transportation system; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) urges the Members of the United States Congress to oppose any legislation proposing the use of any transportation tax for any use other than direct investment into our nation's transportation infrastructure.

ALEC's 1995 Sourcebook of American State Legislation