Resolution in Support of Deepening Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Republic of Moldova

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Model Bill Info
Bill Title Resolution in Support of Deepening Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Republic of Moldova
Date Introduced July 28, 2022
Type Model Resolution
Status Draft
Task Forces Federalism and International Relations
Keywords International relations

Resolution in Support of Deepening Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Republic of Moldova

WHEREAS U.S. assistance in Moldova works to strengthen democratic institutions, increase economic prosperity, secure the country’s recognized borders, and to assist Moldova to become a full partner in the European and international communities; and

WHEREAS Moldova is a country with deep historical, cultural and economic links with the Member States of the European Union; and

WHEREAS the European Union has acknowledged the European aspirations of the Republic of Moldova and welcomed its efforts towards political association and economic integration with the European Union; and

WHEREAS the authorities of the Republic of Moldova have shown their commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and structural reforms and have effectively implemented the reforms to which they had committed themselves while cooperating with the United States and the European Union; and

WHEREAS NATO and the Republic of Moldova actively cooperate on democratic, institutional and defence reforms and Moldova is seeking to draw closer to Euro-Atlantic standards and institutions; and

WHEREAS in April 2022, the United States provided $50 million to Moldova in assistance funding to alleviate human and economic consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine; and

WHEREAS the EU has recently agreed to grant €150 million in macro-financial assistance in the form of loans and grants to the Republic of Moldova with a view to support economic stabilisation and alleviate its balance of payments as identified in the current IMF programme, as well as to strengthen Moldova’s resilience in the current geopolitical context; and

WHEREAS an Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova was signed on June 27, 2014;

WHEREAS macroeconomic indicators show a positive development of Moldova’s economy since 2015 despite the challenging international situation and a strong economic recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic; and

WHEREAS the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, as part of the Association Agreement, was established in 2014 and further strengthens the economic relations between Moldova and the EU as well as stimulates foreign direct investment in that country; and

WHEREAS on numerous occasions both the United States and the European Union have reaffirmed their continued support for Moldova’s territorial integrity and their support for the formal “5+2” negotiations and the final settlement of the Transnistria dispute; and

WHEREAS the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine poses a security threat to the Republic of Moldova, the European Union, and NATO; and

WHEREAS strengthening relations between the U.S., the EU, and Moldova are in the interest of all sides in terms of support of democratic developments in the region and regional security in Eastern Europe;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that ALEC calls on the U.S. Administration and the European Union to deepen political and economic relations with the Republic of Moldova, fulfil their commitments to keep the Republic of Moldova on the track for steady Euro-Atlantic integration, and play a more active role in finding a solution to the Transnistrian issue while underscoring their unwavering support for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.