Resolution Urging Congress to Provide a Charitable Tax Credit Exposed

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The Resolution Urging Congress to Provide a Charitable Tax Credit does not include adoption or approval information. ALEC has attempted to distance itself from this piece of legislation after the launch of in 2011, but it has done nothing to get it repealed in the states where it previously pushed for it to be made into law.

ALEC Resolution Text


This Resolution encourages Congress to pass legislation which would provide a charitable tax credit for charitable contributions to private and religious charities.

Model Resolution

WHEREAS, the power of local charitable organizations is the best conduit for improving a community’s social problems and conditions, and

WHEREAS, the objective of some charitable organizations is to prevent or alleviate poverty, and

WHEREAS, contributions to charitable organizations that include youth and family programs, housing and employment agencies, and disaster relief agencies have declined by 3 percent in 1995, and

WHEREAS, the Charity Tax Credit, recently introduced to Congress, will transfer power to charities in the local communities through tax credits, vouchers, and grants, and

WHEREAS, the Charity Tax Credit would encourage contributions to private and religious charities from both individuals and couples to resolve social crises, poverty and to improve community development among the disadvantaged.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the legislature of the state of [Insert State] urges Congress to adopt the Charity Tax Credit for charitable contributions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, copies of this resolution will be distributed to all Governors and members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.