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(This page includes tips from reporters, citizens journalists, and others identifying Kansas bills (introduced or passed) that resemble ALEC model legislation. CMD encourages the use of this forum and encourages further detailed research to verify all claims.)

  • HR 6008 (adopted 3/28/11) Resolution "Opposing the Environmental Protection Agency's regulatory train wreck"[1] "almost word-for-word from" ALEC's "Resolution Opposing EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck"[2][3]
  • HB 2182 (signed 5/25/11) act including "Health Care Freedom Act"[4] based on ALEC's "Freedom of Choice in Healthcare Act"[5][3]
  • HB 2067 (signed 4/18/2011) changes the requirements for providing voter identification at elections[6] compare with ALEC's "Voter ID Act"[7][8]


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